Jour 34: Repos du cycliste à Varadero

Day 34: Cyclist rest in Varadero

I cross the few kilometers I have left before arriving in Varadero. One can notice the exploitation of oil very close to the ocean. I finally arrive in Varadero. The sun is good this morning. I go to the small town of Santa Marta to have breakfast. Then I go to see my friend Grisel, see day 22. Unfortunately, she is not there. I leave a surprise Christmas card on her door... I find myself a room at Amhet's. It's small, but it's perfect. The sun is out, I'm going to the beach. I have to take time for myself. It's my first real day at the beach in two weeks. The water is very pleasant, the waves very strong. He sells a lot. The sun is hot, it feels good! I know it's cold in Quebec, I take advantage of it! I give Amhet bike stuff: front and rear light, bell, blue bag to put a cell phone and a Fast123 jersey He's very friendly, he takes me out for a beer and eats fries in the neighborhood, it's very generous of him. When I get back, I give him my mask so he can give it to his son. Amhet works hard in the tourist industry, he must recruit customers to take them diving. According to him, he is not rich, but according to me he is not poor. However, he tells me that he puts a lot of energy into his work and it brings him money. He owns a gleaming luxury sport bike. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook