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Visit to Ottawa on September 4, 2021. Meeting with Terry Fox. Click to see details.

What a beautiful city, wow!!! Very nice stay!!!
It is possible to see the statue of Terry Fox.

Photo 1: Statue of Terry Fox (1958-1981)
This famous character who tried to run across Canada.
The statue is present in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa.
On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic.
On September 1, 1980, near Thunder Bay (Ontario) he had to give up the challenge after covering 5,373 kilometres.

Photo 2: The Rideau Canal which was completed in 1832. The canal was built for military purposes. Thus, with the latter it is possible to go to Kingston. At the time, there was fear of another American attack on Canada.

Photo 3 and 4: Native American chief in front of the very beautiful and luxurious Château Laurier. Named in honor of the first French-speaking Prime Minister of Canada. Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919)

Photo 5: John By (1779-1836) the founder of Bytown (1830-1850) which later became Ottawa. John By was a Lieutenant Colonel and a military engineer.

Ottawa is our Capital, you have to be proud of it!!!

Author: Fast123, David Beauchesne

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