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Mont Notre-Dame College donates $6,243 to Moisson Estrie 2021 (Summary 5 photos, 1 video)

Sherbrooke December 20, 2021,

Secondary 2 students from Collège Mont Notre-Dame in Sherbrooke are proud to donate 1,689 kg of food to the organization Moisson Estrie. In addition, an amount of $6,243 was donated to the organization.

A camera was installed on the ceiling of the large hall of the institution to film the students in action. The works are made up of 544 giant pixels measuring 12 inches by 12 inches.

Well done to all the students!

Photo 1: Photo montage of the 3 groups

Photo 2: Group 201

Photo 3: Group 202

Photo 4: Group 203

Photo 5: Food in the main room

A video summary is available to see the students working during the project.

David Beauchesne

Teacher at Mont Notre-Dame College

Fast123 Pics

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