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Summary of FAST123 meeting people (Day 4) June 26, 2021

Summary of Day 4

After spending an intense night with the mosquitoes, I head for downtown Thetford Mines. I learn a little more about this former mining town.

I meet Caroline and Francis at the Boulangerie la Réserve and taste two excellent cholatines.

I take advantage of the rainy weather to reorganize my bike bags before starting my journey in the heart of the Appalachians. I travel along Route 269, which was the first road link between Quebec and Boston in the era of stagecoaches.

Before leaving I decide to fill my stomach...

I meet Stéphane, the owner of Casse-Croûte Betty. I was able to taste tasty chicken fingers and a poutine worthy of the name Thank you Stéphane for your great generosity.

On the way to another era, I stop to taste succulent strawberries at Fruitière Mario Nadeau. People are very friendly.

After this day filled with rain. I fill my heart by meeting Martin and Christine who offer me incredible service at the Auberge le Chat-let.

It is a magnificent place to spend a night in harmony with nature. Martin and Christine will welcome you with a broad smile.

Thank you life for allowing me to live all these adventures.

David Beauchesne

Fast123 Pics

All the details of the day:

Departure: Thetford

Arrival: St-Gilles

Distance traveled: 88 km

Average speed: 17.9 km/h

Journey time: 4h56


Auberge du Chat-let

Fruitier Mario Nadeau

betty lunch

Bakery the reserve

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