Discover this wonderful city of Quebec inCanada .


Who is Rapido123 - Fast123?

Artist Photographer and Creator of Google Workspace solutions

Follow F a s t 1 2 3 's journey through Costa Rica by bike!

F a s t 1 2 3 photos started on September 28 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic .

Fast 1 2 3 _ _ _ is an artist who takes photos without retouching them. It is literally an image hunter.

Under the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Sherbrooke .

I am pleased to show you some photographs via the Photos platform of F a s t 1 2 3

I opted for nature photography. I challenged myself to take one photo a day. I decided to present my project in the form of an online shopping store. It is of course to denounce the consumer society in which we currently live. This artistic approach is unique in its kind.

This will also help me to educate students since I am a teacher in Sherbrooke.

Find out more about Sherbrooke

All the photos I took are natural.

All the landscapes are beautiful and 100% true.

I must leave you! I'm flying to Costa Rica to experience the trip of my life by bike! Follow me !

David Beauchesne
Creator of Google Workspace Solutions
Photographer on Fast123 Photos
Fast Schedule Designer for Schools
Follow my story about Costa Rica with your students!

F a s t 1 2 3 Sherbrooke Photos

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