Jour 4 : La rencontre d'Augusto et farniente à la plage

Day 4: Meeting Augusto and relaxing on the beach

I get up very early as always. It's the festival of dogs barking all night long!!!
I will have my lunch around 6:00 am at the San Juan market.
It's a great lunch for 150 cordobas ($5.33 CAD)
I meet Augusto, a repairer of household items. (See the picture above)
Young people start school very early to take advantage of the "low temperature" in quotation marks!!!
Wearing a mask is very well respected, students must wash their hands before entering the school.
I decide to take advantage of my motorbike a bit to see the beaches that are near San Juan del Sur.
The closest is called Peña Rota, it is a very beautiful beach, very little crowded.
I meet a charming fish, not very talkative and a little dead :( = 🐟
Here is an overview of the small beach bar.
I then head towards playa Remanzo .
Click on the photo to get details about this wonderful place.
Back in San Juan, I treat myself to a great watermelon for 100 cordobas ($3.56 CAD). I ask this nice gentleman to cut it for me in several parts.
That's when several people head to the truck to have a piece of this green oasis.
You have to share in life. I have 3 pieces left. 1-2-3
I then head for the sunset, but on the way I get my daily ceviche with a small packet of soda crackers for 100 cordobas ( $3.56 CAD).
The sunset is amazing once again!
Thank you for following me on my adventures!

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