Jour 1: Le grand départ pour le Nicaragua (Objectifs 2022)

Day 1: The big departure for Nicaragua (Objectives 2022)

Departure this morning with the shuttle around 2:30 am towards Dorval.

I will head to Costa Rica (Liberia). I will cross the land border by bus tomorrow. To cross into Nicaragua you must have a PCR test in your pocket. I did this test this morning at the airport ($175 CAD)

The purpose of my trip is to visit my Nicaraguan friends. Indeed, my first trip to Nicaragua dates back to 2004. I then accompanied students from Collège Mont-Notre Dame de Sherbrooke to Nandaime at the Oscar A. Romero Community Center in 2012 , 2014 and 2016 .

Here are the cities I will visit in the next few days: Nandaime, Granada, Masaya, Diriomo, San Juan del Sur.

2022 objectives

  1. I would like to establish a bridge of mutual aid to help my friends survive the post-pandemic period by creating a fair trade of hammocks.
  2. Visit the facilities of the community center in order to organize groups for adults starting next year. (I will be on sabbatical)
  3. Restore school trips with Nicaragua

Several of my friends are very good at designing hammocks and I would like to be able to export to Canada to help people find work.

I will keep you informed of my steps throughout the trip.

If you ever know people who specialize in importing and/or exporting, please contact me at the following address:

Thank you life for allowing me to live these beautiful experiences.

David Beauchesne

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Bon voyage mec !!

Louis-Alexis Laperle

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