Day 7: Granada

Today is Sunday, I went to Granada by bus. It costs only 15 cordobas (60 cents) to cover the distance of 20km. The bus is filled to capacity. I don't have the other photo, because I was standing and it was stirring a lot. I went to the public market. Always interesting to see meat at room temperature. The market is crowded on this Sunday. People can buy used clothes. Four pieces for CAD $1.60. I bought myself used stockings for 40 cents. I had an excellent orange juice made with three juicy oranges for 80 cents. It's so delicious!!! How to arrange a fish in seconds. Eat four strawberries for 40 cents. Granada is a beautiful colonial city founded by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century. The cathedral is magnificent. The interior is also majestic, frescoes on the ceiling have just been restored. I'm going to eat in a Chinese restaurant and I happen to see my friend Alicia's husband. It really is a coincidence!!! My plate is really full. I paid 200 cordobas, or $8 Cad. I brought back my leftovers to give to an old lady I met later! I walk on the edge of Lake Nicaragua. Looks like the ocean! Fortunately, the project to make a canal competing with the Panama Canal was abandoned by Chinese investors. This would have impacted the country's main source of fresh water. In the lake there are bull sharks that periodically go up the course of the Río San Juan . I can once again observe the Mombatcho volcano in the distance. I decide to return home more quickly by using the services of a taxi. This car costs less than my bike! I paid $8 Cad to come home!!! That's $7.40 more than this morning, but it was faster and very interesting to talk to my driver Victor. Very nice day again, I'm still alive!!! Thanks! David Beauchesne