Day 4: Finding David

I am currently at playa Gigante, a pretty beach on the edge of the Pacific.
I wake up quite early. I go to see Rivas in the morning walking quietly. I arrive just in time to attend the 7:00 mass. The church is magnificent! I then go buy myself a cheese bun and drink freshly squeezed orange juice from a vendor down the street. (80 cents) Life is really nice in Rivas. The streets are crowded. I head to Tola in search of my friend David Sanchez (My hairdresser). Returned to the village I ask people: Sabes donde está la casa de David Sanchez? People don't really know, but show me a direction to follow. After 30 minutes I finally find the house. I meet his brother who is also a hairdresser. I also meet his brother-in-law who gives me the tour of the owner. It is a large land with cows, pigs, chickens and lots of fruit trees which are an important source of money for them. He explains to me that the situation in Nicaragua is very difficult because of political tensions. The tourists stopped coming. The work is very rare. People are in survival mode. It's all very sad! He offers me to stay to share dinner. It's very good!!! Here is the beautiful family photo. Jose and Jaritza have three children and own a small convenience store. I insist on paying a little, but he categorically refuses. People are so good!!! It's crazy! We discuss everything and nothing. I ask the same philosophical question and the answer was: la familia! It is now time to depart. I seize this beautiful moment when the children play to make necklaces. A scene impossible to imagine in Canada. Life is quiet here, simple. I take the road again and head towards playa Gigante. I try to find John, a guy who hosts cyclists for free in his old hotel. However, he is not there, I take the opportunity to chat with two men on the edge of the beach. One is the security guard and the other is nicknamed Ceviche because he makes it to sell on the street. It makes me taste it's really delicious. He gives me some in my hand... I take this opportunity to go swimming at the beach while waiting for John to arrive. I leave my bike and all my belongings in the care of my two new friends. After my first swim of the trip I finally see John arrive. This nice guy has rolled his bump in several countries and decided to pay the next. He therefore offers the lodging free of charge to all those who arrive by bicycle. The place is now in a sorry state because the situation in the country is very difficult for everyone! Even for this American in business for 12 years in Playa Gigante, he must resolve to close, because tourists no longer come. Here is the photo of my free room. I share my room with Keith who has been cycling across countries for a long time. He will go to Alaska this time. I feel a bit ordinary when I say that I'm only leaving for two weeks!!! I attend the most beautiful spectacle, the sunset. After sunset, John invites us to share a good meal in his house. It's incredible!! I'm going to have to be generous in the next few years to give back... So it's with only 40 km of cycling, but with a head full of memories that I finish this fourth day. Thank you life!!!