La vente de mon vélo à Cuba

Selling my bike in Cuba

I get up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready to do the last 25 kilometers with my beautiful bike. I can't wait to see if my contact to buy my bike will be there as planned. I take advantage of the last rays of sunshine in Cuba. I give my shoes, my sandals, my soap, my shampoo, in short almost all my stock to this gentleman. He is busy hammering his nails. Here is my nearly new odometer. I did a total of 834 kilometers in two weeks. During my last trip to Cuba I had done 1757 kilometers in three weeks. This is the man I had a date with for the bike. The two men help me remove my specially designed clip-on pedals for my shoes. I give my last things to give to men. I prepare my luggage, I left with 22.6 kg and I come back with 3.7 kg. Everything is going wonderfully. I pass the security check at the gates corresponding to the day and month of my birth. The flight is not delayed. I pay myself the deal with a Daniel Vézina meal at $25 Cad. This is delicious. We are going at a speed of 878 km/h. I arrive in Montreal at 3:56 pm This is the end of this Cuba blog. I think I have covered the subject and the island... Thank you dear readers for reading me! I'll tell you next time for a future trip to another place. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook