Jour 8: Guantanamo

Day 8: Guantánamo

I leave the Campismo around 6am to take advantage of the freshness. The road is beautiful and flat for the start of the day. The price of gasoline is relatively high, around $1.25 for a litre. This is very high considering the monthly salary of a Cuban at around $20 per month. A physician's salary is currently being increased to increase retention. A doctor earns $40 depending on the specialty. After 40 km, I find a little corner of paradise to swim a little. Movie: I'm now heading to US territory: Guantanamo Naval Base Unfortunately, we cannot approach this base for security reasons. The Americans have 2 airports on this vast territory. Boulevards, school houses. There is even a border! There is also a factory to transform saline water into drinking water. Finally, there is the infamous Guantanamo prison. I went to a watchtower to observe this territory, but we don't see much. This is what I saw for real!!! Afterwards, I complete the last 25 km to reach the Cuban city of Guantanamo. This mythical place which saw the birth of the song Guantanamera... (which means Guantánamo, in the feminine), composed in 1928 by José Fernández Díaz. I see young people playing volleyball in the street, the game is constantly interrupted because of traffic. A big day of 103 km. David Beauchesne When you see a beautiful place on your way, stop!!!