Jour 32: Matanzas 2.0

Day 32: Matanzas 2.0

I wake up very early. I will observe the streets of Havana one last time. The next time you go to Cuba, try to take a trip there. This city is truly amazing. I say goodbye to Pépé my host and I head for the ferry located 500 meters from my accommodation. I head to Regla, the ferry costs only 1 Cup (5 cents). The crossing takes five minutes and it allowed me to save several kilometers on my bike. The ferry is almost empty. It is a very cold day. It's raining and it's around 16 degrees. The kind of day I wouldn't usually ride a bike in the summer in Quebec. Yes yes I know, it was minus thirty in Quebec! I will not complain! It's the worst day of the whole trip. People wear gloves and toques. Nevertheless, it is inexplicable, I feel very happy on the bike. The first minutes of every day are wonderful. It's a feeling of freedom that overwhelms me... Around eleven o'clock, I arrive in Guanabo. It's cold, but the sun is coming out a bit. I meet three very friendly Quebecers. I'm going to buy some olives and 7 up. I love olives. I ate the entire contents of the jar within a few miles. I see Elisabeth again, the woman from New Zealand. I learned that she is an elementary school teacher and that it is currently summer vacation. She is very impressive. I am in awe of his perseverance. I eat a ham bun and have a wheat milkshake. This is delicious!!! The taste reminds me of the bottom of a bowl of cereal. This drink is called "Batido de trigo". The weather is so gloomy. I cross the number of kilometers representing my year of birth. Today I am on the road called Via Blanca. The construction of this road began in 1945 and was completed in 1959. It connects Havana to Varadero. I even crossed the highest bridge in Cuba, the Bacunayagua bridge. The latter culminates at a height of 112 meters above the Yumuri Valley. Here are some landscapes with the sad temperature. I finally arrive in Matanzas. Hooray! I am approaching my final destination. I have about 50 kilometers left before reaching Varadero. I buy the best chocolate donuts in the world. I rent a beautiful room in a colonial house built in 1852. The ceiling is 6 meters high. It's so beautiful! My room is new. I am the third to use it. My hostess is called Aida and she is very friendly. I give her a Quebec flag, she is so happy. I find many things at the local grocery store. I see 123, only the Fast is missing. I buy chocolate from Cuba, cereal from Mexico, milk and Pringles made in the USA. A real feast for tonight. This is the first time in 30 days that I have seen a grocery store with so many products. I will soon arrive in the country and I will find the disproportionate abundance of products in the grocery stores of Quebec. I can't wait to eat! I meet two nice Belgians. Here is my bike summary for the day. Watch my bike ride on Strava:
Here is a little poem... Here in Cuba during the holidays I experienced a lot of deficiencies Over there in Canada I know there won't be any...
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