Jour 3: Première crevaison en direction de Banes

Day 3: First puncture towards Banes

I get up quite early and I decide to go explore the town of Guardalavaca, without my luggage. I try to find a nice place to spend my next night but without success. I return to the hotel and have lunch after having traveled 40 km. I prepare my things and I leave in the direction of Guardalavaca. I meet a German with whom I drive for several kilometres. It's nice and easier to ride with two people. After a relatively intense climb, my bike suffered a first puncture. Fortunately, my new 62-year-old friend is a mechanic, he helps me, not to say that he changes my inner tube with disconcerting ease. She's my guardian angel!! He does the repairs at his Cuban friend's. He is a German who married a Cuban more than 10 years ago, but who is separated now. It was nice to be able to speak Spanish with this generous German. My guardian angel's friend gives us mangoes and bananas, it's delicious. After the repair I leave alone towards the town of Banes. The landscape is very mountainous and pretty. The climbs follow one another and the descents follow one another. I finally arrive in Banes and I find myself a "casa de renta" for 20 Cuc. I am happy to be able to rest a little after having crossed 95 km. I'll eat a good pizza at 25 cents a good juice at 10 cents. Notice the intelligence of the Cubans who serve things without disposable plates or glasses. A logical choice full of common sense. Tomorrow will be another day... David Beauchesne