Jour 29: Soroa

Day 29: Soroa

Here are the first rays of this new year which begins with a good breakfast. I hit the road around 8:00 am, I'm happy when I ride my bike. I feel free, but I have to be careful. Here is a sign that reminds me of it. Here is the report of the road on the next 5 kilometers.
  • 13 accidents
  • 1 dead
  • 15 people in wheelchairs.
Always reassuring to see that. I enjoy life... Today is the first of January. It's a national holiday. People gather as families and party outdoors. Children play with each other. These young girls wanted to have some gum, so I gave away a full package. This is the Güira visitor center, it's very pretty. Then I go through the city of San Diego de los Baños. I heard that this town has hot springs. Unfortunately, it was closed today due to the statutory holiday. Nevertheless, I could see a small stream at the back of the building where there was a strong smell of sulphur. I'm starting to get hungry, but most food kiosks are closed today. I managed to find myself small bananas, it feels good. People wish each other a happy new year. People wish me a happy new year. I find the beautiful landscapes. And what about this little house lost in the middle of nowhere. The landscapes are so beautiful that my eyes get wet. Here is now, an association that I observe every day. There is always a white bird with a big animal. This union allows the bird to eat insects that are attracted to the animal. A great collaboration. I finally find a place to eat pizza on my way. She is delicious. I was starving... I shared my treasure with this puny little dog. I also buy a bag of chicharrón it tastes like the ears of ...beep... from the sugar shack. Only 5 Cup (25 cents) The fields are very beautiful. Is it wheat or barley? I need your help dear readers. I finally arrive in Soroa after a journey of 110 km. Watch my bike ride on Strava: Here is a preview of my beautiful room for 25 Cuc. I try to negotiate the evening meal, but they ask me 10 Cuc. I think it's too expensive. Imagine for a few seconds, the monthly salary of a Cuban is 20 Cuc. I eat sardines for supper which I bought two days ago at 1 Cuc. Volontary simplicity... I even bought an apple at 15 Cup (75 cents) in the small town of Candeleria a few miles from the casa. Yesterday I ate three plates of ice cream and tonight I'm eating sardines and an apple 🍎. I also consume a homemade bar made with peanuts. Finally, I am satisfied! The hostel is located in the countryside. Impossible to find a restaurant or to eat in the street. No internet connection which is good. I'm going to take a walk in these places plunged in darkness. I feel like a deer staring at passing cars in the dark. The dogs move furtively. Bikes appear out of nowhere. I'm fine in this little rain. I dare to imagine what my life would be like in this country, eating rice and trying to survive day after day in these difficult conditions. I will sleep very well tonight. Enjoy your dinner! It is surely delicious. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook