Jour 27: Viñales

Day 27: Vinales

I get up just in time to say goodbye to Denise and Daniel, my two German friends I met yesterday at Casa Particular. This is the view from my room this morning. Daniel and Denise take the Guagua (pronounced wawa). For a distance of 4 kilometers I manage to drive at the same speed as this bus for the Cubans because the road is strewn with holes. The land in this region of Cuba is red. There is a light rain this morning, but the sun will soon appear. The landscapes are even more beautiful than the day before, it's superb! On the road I meet a Quebec couple from Sherbrooke who are also on their bikes! It feels good to speak in French. I hope to meet them in Sherbrooke when I return. Snowmen from the old year are starting to appear in front of houses. These figures filled with straw and firecrackers will be burned at midnight on December 31. I can't wait to attend this show. These figures symbolize the year that has just passed and it will be time to move on to the new year. I would like to take advantage of this moment to wish you a very happy new year 2018. I wish you happiness in abundance. Happiness is in every moment, in each of the people who will be on your way. Be good and life will reward you! Happy new year! I eat the best pan con tortilla in Cuba in a small kiosk lost on the side of the road. It's just a bread with an egg, but believe me, it was very tasty!!! I continue on my way. The mountains are beautiful. I see for the first time what we call Mogotes here. It is fabulous! In addition, a coachman comes by at just the right moment to immortalize this moment in a unique way. I arrive in the Viñales National Park, I cover 6 km with intense climbs. I meet a family of pigs who are free. They do not suspect for the moment that they will be serving meals to hundreds of people in a few days. They are simply enjoying the present moment. I see an abandoned school. I meet a man who tells me he can show me a waterfall and a watchtower for 6 Cuc. I decide to do this improvised little 30-minute trek with a 14-year-old guide. After leaving my bike and my luggage in a house, we begin the ascent from the mogote to the viewpoint. My calves are hot, this little Cuban is fast! Here is the view from the watchtower. Finally, here is the waterfall!!! I imagined a more beautiful and higher waterfall...ahah. Let's just say I got screwed!!! And here is the perfect place to swim according to the man... I'm going to pass! We return to the starting point. It was very fast. Now here is a 1979 Lada. Do you know how much it is worth? Make an offer!!! This Lada is worth $20,000. It's incredible!!! I learned that beautiful old American cars from the 50s can be worth up to $60,000 Usd. It's crazy! It's almost impossible to buy a new car in Cuba. When the cars are new they are rented to tourists and when they are worn out they are sold to Cubans at a very high price. It's really frustrating! Then, I will visit una cueva ie a cave. Finally I find myself a small room. On the bike side today I did 67 kilometers including a small trekking on foot. That's why my average speed is so low. Watch my bike ride on Strava: David Beauchesne Follow me on Facebook