Jour 23: Guanabo

Day 23: Guanabo

I had a wonderful night. I slept eleven hours without going to the little corner. Is this the definition of happiness? wow! I guess I was tired or my bladder is healed... Ok doctor, I'm going to stop telling you about my bladder. I discovered the morning life of Matanzas. It was chilly. The temperature is much cooler than on my last trip this summer. A nice little coffee at 5 cents to start the day, what could be better? I see the central park again and I take a photo of Marti and the liberation. I walk the streets to find something to eat. You have to be observant. I see people eating sandwiches, but I can't find the vendor. I ask people and they tell me it's the guy on the motorcycle selling this in his white boiler. I visit a pretty church a little further on. The interior is magnificent. The crib is truly beautiful. I walk and I walk. I eat the best Churros in Cuba...yum. Around 10:00 I hit the road. It's a very nice temperature. It is a very safe road. This is via Blanca. There are 4 lanes. The landscapes are very beautiful. I meet a little lady who is walking alone on the road and I decide to give her a Fast123 sweater and a Canadian flag. She is so happy. It was a very nice meeting. We say goodbye... I pass in front of playa Jibacoa, a place suggested by my friends from Montreal: Pat and Jo. It is very beautiful. I will see the price of rooms for one night in a superb 4 star hotel, but it is so expensive. It costs 200$ Usd for one night. I will let it happen!!! I talk to the hotel guard and he suggests a much cheaper little place, but I decide to continue pedaling to another town. Here is a little gift for this nice man. A flag of Quebec. Subsequently, a few kilometers further, I meet a German who is going to spend two months on a bike. He is friendly and recommends places to visit. I make a short stop at the beach, but I only soak my feet. The wind is enough to cool me down. I'm approaching Havana and this sign reminds me of my age. I finally arrive in Guanabo, after having cycled for 4 hours and 54 minutes over a distance of 88 km. Fortunately the wind pushes me in the back. I find myself a little place to sleep, it's on 472nd street. A suggestion from my host the day before. I try to negotiate the price, but it's impossible, because she has to pay a commission for the referral. Nevertheless, she offers me a real good lobster dinner with rice. She's also going to make me lunch tomorrow morning. It's still cheap a lunch, a room and lobster for 30 Cuc. Beautiful full day. I go to bed around 9 p.m. My bed is calling me! Buenas Noches David Beauchesne Follow me on Facebook