Jour 10: Le repos du cycliste

Day 10: The cyclist's rest

I leave around 6:30 from Santiago, I don't like big cities!!! I prefer small towns! I find the marvelous sea after 20 km. I go along the south coast, it's magnificent! I stop for a little private swim! The waves are strong, I don't swim too long. And wham! A puncture! I realized that I often have problems when I stop near the sea because there are cacti, thorns and other threatening sources for the rubber present in my tires! It's not serious! I have become a socialist specialist. I have the chance to see the place that I would like to visit during my last days! I meet three nice young men with whom I discuss marital relations. I learn new words and expressions. I finally arrive, after 64 km, at the Sierra el mar hotel. I was supposed to meet some friends from Gatineau, but I arrived two days too late. It's an all-inclusive hotel, I meet a lot of Quebecers. It feels good to speak French a little. I meet Pierre and Martine and by an incredible coincidence, I learn that it was Martine's birthday the day before like me! I meet Catherine and Sergio who tell me about their device for transforming an ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle. A solution developed in Montreal. Serge the adventurer. Line and Marie-Josée and a whole host of people. The site is very beautiful. I'm having a good time. I'm finally eating!!! Life is like a book that you discover one page after another. David Beauchesne