Jour 1: Le grand départ pour Holguin à Cuba

Day 1: The big departure for Holguin in Cuba

This is the big start. I left with 10 kg of luggage which will be in my 2 Arkel bags. To bring my bike I have to pay $30 I invite you to watch my video to get an idea of ​​the equipment I will bring for my three-week cycling trip on the island of Cuba.
Here is another video that explains how to put a bike in a box before flying.
In a few hours I will be in Cuba.
Day 1: Discovery of Holguin It's the start of a new adventure... Three weeks of cycling. I meet on the plane, two people, Patrick and Josée with whom I discuss a good part of the flight. People are friendly, you just have to open up a bit. The flight happens very quickly... After four hours of flight I get my bike and my luggage and I start assembling. It is intensely hot. However, I managed to put my bike back together in an hour. People are curious and come to ask me questions. A man comes to help me inflate my tires, people are good. Finally, I gave a pair of new sandals that I had bought before leaving to this man. I hydrated with a little apple juice and picked fresh mangoes from a tree with my new friend. I left in the direction of the city of Holguin under a blazing sun. The thermometer on my bike showed 42°Celsius. Phew!!! I crossed only 15km during this first busy day. I found a nice room with a bathroom for the modest sum of 15 Cuc, or about $20 Cad. I'm off to explore the city, it's very hot. I eat a pizza 🍕 for 5 Cup or 25 Canadian cents. Both monetary systems are still very present in this country. 1 convertible peso (Cuc) = 25 Cuban pesos (Cup) = 1.25 Canadian dollars (Cad) Tonight I went to climb the steps of Mount Loma... Beautiful day! I'm tired!!! Is this normal? Good night
David Beauchesne