Cuba 109 884 km²

Cuba 109,884 km²

The island of Cuba may seem small, but it has an area of ​​109,884 km². As you probably already know, all the maps of the World are very often represented in rectangular form, but this representation can skew our perception of the world around us because the earth is round. There are several types of projections used. See an article on Wikipedia to fully understand the phenomenon. In this image we can see that the island of Cuba is slightly larger than it actually looks. Now, here is one last example if we compare the area of ​​Greenland with Mexico. This example, in even more striking, because all the countries located at the northern or southern ends seem larger than reality. Breaking news : A tsunami in Greenland (June 20, 2017) The big departure for Cuba is approaching. I can't wait to discover and meet wonderful people. My goal is to cover 1000 km in three weeks. Life is Beautiful! Enjoy! David Beauchesne